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My name is Michael van den Berg, and I'm not an astronaut, but a freelance web developer from the Netherlands, which is way cooler! Look around to see what I can do and do not hesitate to get in touch!

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    The most advanced cloud-based property management system in the world.

    • Use case

      For hotels, hostels and multi property hotel chains. Handles daily operation of a property, e.g. reservations, check-in, check-out, communications, housekeeping, meals, point of sales (POS), etc.

    • Tech stack

      Build with Vue, Vuetify and Apollo at the frontend. The backend is written in Elixir, with Phoenix, Absinthe (GraphQL) and Ecto (PostgreSQL).

    • * Product is in development. ETA 2020.

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  • Skills

    The last few years I've honed my knowledge and skills by building websites and apps and following courses and reading books about programming.

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      Primarily JavaScript and Elixir. I have limited experience with PHP and SQL. Planning on learning Python.

    • settings_applications


      Mostly Vue and React (also Next, Nuxt and Gatsby). Followed by Svelte. And Phoenix for Elixir.

    • videocam


      Visual Studio Code, Photoshop, Git(hub), Gitflow, Webpack, Babel, Prettier, npm, Netlify, etc

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      Other skills

      Of course, HTML and (S)CSS. Also some basic Photoshop. Accessibility and responsive web design.

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  • Feats

    Building a property management system (PMS) and will start my own web development company in the near future. Have released several free WordPress themes and I'm coding other projects for fun.

    • SpaceGrade

      Reaching for the stars with my own web development company.
      [Coming soon] [Visit GitHub]

    • NomadPMS

      Powerful property management system for all kinds of hotels.
      [Visit website]

    • Portfolio

      A motley assortment of digital projects and other curiosities.
      [Visit portfolio]

    • WordPress Themes

      My own little repository with free homemade WordPress themes.
      [Visit page]

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Feel free to contact me about anything.